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Insight Friday


If someone makes you smile, let them know about it! That’s if they can’t already see your dazzling grin already.

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It’s Bath Time!


I’m back from a wonderful short trip to Bath to see my man! That’s not him in the tub by the way; he is an actual person.

The last time I was here in September I didn’t get to see a whole lot as my stop there was so short and the weather wasn’t too forgiving but this time we went around the city centre and to the Botanical Gardens which I loved not to mention visiting The Royal Crescent which may be future postcode (ha!). There are so many attractions left to visit which is kind of good as I’m going back again in December so we’ll try to do something different every time.




Hello you!



The Royal Crescent!


I do love trees – can you tell?











See, not made of grass!

A little shout out for 4 amazing months which just so happens to fall on Thanksgiving. Whatever or whoever you’re thankful for – let it show!

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The Golden Key to Happiness


A dear friend had lent me this beautiful book a couple of years ago (at least). My intention was to return it a lot sooner but I kept forgetting and so it wasn’t until her birthday that I actually slipped it into a gift bag with her presents and sent it back to its rightful owner.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later that she opened the gift bag because she had refused to open it without me being present. So it sat in the back of her car in anticipation. On opening the bag and finding the book she asked me to keep it and that if there was any book I would bring with me on my travels; this was the one to bring. This was her favourite book and I was deeply touched by her gesture so I humbly thanked her and promised that I would bring it with me.

The actions of those around us deeply impact on our happiness whether we like to admit it or not but we have the power to decide just how much we’ll let those actions or words affect us, be it in a positive or negative situation. If it’s positive, like your best friend asking you to keep her favourite book then embrace it. If it’s negative then find some way to learn from it and let it go. You are so much bigger than taking joy in a persons flaws. Life is so much bigger than that!

Here’s a random excerpt from this beautiful book. I might make it a thing on the blog, we’ll see!

It’s not good just to be delicate and sensitive, nor is it good just to be rough and coarse. You can’t be considered a fine human being unless you achieve balance and moderation in every respect. The delicate and sensitive worry so much about others that they exhaust themselves. The rough and coarse ignore and irritate others’ hearts too much. In everything, leaning too much to one side always makes you lose the balance. No good results come of it.

I love that I opened this book and the piece felt so relevant to me…I hope that it does for someone else too.

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Insight Friday


Let’s call this day Insight Friday on the blog. This quotation caught my attention last night after a small sense of doubt crept over me on me after receiving the news that I’d be going solo. Needing reassurance, I asked my boyfriend:

‘Am I doing the right thing?’.

I told him I was scared and he had replied ‘If it scares you then you have to do it’.

That man needs a medal for the amount of times he’s heard me being unsure of my decision and had to soothe my fears.

Get out of your comfort zone and doing things that scare you : )

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Fifty Seven Days

The last couple of days have been a roller-coaster of emotions.

I should explain that in about seven weeks I’ll be setting off on a plane to India with only a backpack for company. Just a couple of days ago I found out that a friend I had been planning this trip with had pulled out for personal reasons so I’ll be setting off on a six month journey alone. Can I say Eek?!

My initial reaction was that I had a feeling this would happen, nothing ever really goes as planned does it? I massively encourage everyone to follow their dreams and if now isn’t the time for jetting off all over the globe then so be it; It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. So I was relieved to have the answer I was waiting for, disappointed for the loss of a travel buddy and shitting myself at the idea that it’s just me. Alone. There won’t be anyone to hide behind when I’m not sure of something or feeling completely overwhelmed.

This isn’t just a step out of my comfort zone, this is a bloody world record long jumping leap! But it’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this in the first place. The introvert in me needs to step aside, revel in the challenge and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to my first post!


Drawn by my lovely mum, Antida.


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