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Let’s call this day Insight Friday on the blog. This quotation caught my attention last night after a small sense of doubt crept over me on me after receiving the news that I’d be going solo. Needing reassurance, I asked my boyfriend:

‘Am I doing the right thing?’.

I told him I was scared and he had replied ‘If it scares you then you have to do it’.

That man needs a medal for the amount of times he’s heard me being unsure of my decision and had to soothe my fears.

Get out of your comfort zone and doing things that scare you : )

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Author: Simmy

I'm a 26 year youngling living on a small rock in the Mediterranean. I'm half English and half Maltese and have lived in Malta for about 12 years now. I love to travel, write, read, bake, practice being a yogi bear and I have a passion for music :) I love doing my part to help the world in any way I can and I'm a big animal lover!

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