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A dear friend had lent me this beautiful book a couple of years ago (at least). My intention was to return it a lot sooner but I kept forgetting and so it wasn’t until her birthday that I actually slipped it into a gift bag with her presents and sent it back to its rightful owner.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later that she opened the gift bag because she had refused to open it without me being present. So it sat in the back of her car in anticipation. On opening the bag and finding the book she asked me to keep it and that if there was any book I would bring with me on my travels; this was the one to bring. This was her favourite book and I was deeply touched by her gesture so I humbly thanked her and promised that I would bring it with me.

The actions of those around us deeply impact on our happiness whether we like to admit it or not but we have the power to decide just how much we’ll let those actions or words affect us, be it in a positive or negative situation. If it’s positive, like your best friend asking you to keep her favourite book then embrace it. If it’s negative then find some way to learn from it and let it go. You are so much bigger than taking joy in a persons flaws. Life is so much bigger than that!

Here’s a random excerpt from this beautiful book. I might make it a thing on the blog, we’ll see!

It’s not good just to be delicate and sensitive, nor is it good just to be rough and coarse. You can’t be considered a fine human being unless you achieve balance and moderation in every respect. The delicate and sensitive worry so much about others that they exhaust themselves. The rough and coarse ignore and irritate others’ hearts too much. In everything, leaning too much to one side always makes you lose the balance. No good results come of it.

I love that I opened this book and the piece felt so relevant to me…I hope that it does for someone else too.

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Author: Simmy

I'm a 26 year youngling living on a small rock in the Mediterranean. I'm half English and half Maltese and have lived in Malta for about 12 years now. I love to travel, write, read, bake, practice being a yogi bear and I have a passion for music :) I love doing my part to help the world in any way I can and I'm a big animal lover!

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