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Leaving on a jet plane

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Happy New Year readers!

I’m in England now;  one day away from leaving everything I know for six months and heading off into the big wide world with nothing but a backpack!

The next couple of days will be long! I catch the train to Gatwick Airport at 1pm to get there for my flight to Helsinki and an overnight stop at the airport to catch my flight out to India in the morning. Not the most convenient but it’s all part of the adventure!

What you’ll read below is some ramble I made on the plane to England but hadn’t had time to post yet. Apologies if it’s a bit long-winded. It’s been so long since I took an Easyjet flight that I had no idea the flights aren’t free seating so I ended up being prompted to move by an old man – oops. My first act of kindness accomplished having given up my opportunity to grab the window seat in my aisle to the lady who was seated on the opposite side…but now she’s sleeping. What a waste of a window where I could be having my usual daydream of cloud land where fluffy little marshmallow men and women live in harmony just bouncing from cloud to cloud. I’m also listening to two kids complaining about who drank more orange juice…so that’s fun too.

Moving on…

Here’s a little update of what’s been happening since I last posted here –

Number of flights lost due to the Consulate of India taking an extended Christmas break: Two

The flights were booked in the UK to see my man but it was more the time lost with him that I was worried about. Fortunately for me, he’s awesome and came out to see me instead! Unfortunately for us I caught the evil flu and needed to stay in bed for the entire duration. Doh!

The second flight I missed was booked for the 2nd January.

Malta readers: If you’re waiting for your Visa make sure to allow plenty of time; especially if it’s the holiday season! I applied for my visa in Malta to visit India on the 2nd December (though I was badgering them from a month before to tell me what I needed to hand in to apply) and I received my Visa on the 3rd January.

They did say it would take 3/4 weeks but for the price of the DHL shipping to Tripoli, they should really have been able to hurry up the process a bit. It cost €160 so that hurt a bit (a lot). If you’re going with a group it’s not so bad as you can split the cost but as I didn’t know anyone else applying at the same time I had to pay to full amount.

All vaccinations were done. I’ve been feeling like a pin cushion for the last couple of months so I’m relieved that’s over (and so is my purse).  I almost got ”conned” into buying the most expensive antimalarial on the planet! Six months worth was going to cost me €600…I almost cancelled the trip there and then because of that (panic reaction). Either that or I was just going to chance it. A big shout out goes to Hannah @ for guiding me to a much cheaper product which cost me a fraction of the price.

So that brings us to Christmas, my birthday and New Year which were all really enjoyable. A great ending to a truly amazing year.

Leaving Malta has been pretty emotional. It’s taken a long time for it to hit me that my life is changing and evolving; in fact booking my flight yesterday was the point where everything sunk in. It’s a big move and one that I still can’t quite believe I’m doing especially since I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator. Leaving my family has been a tough one as we’re very close and I hope they realise how thankful I am for the life they’ve given me and for allowing me to grow.

So that’s pretty much everything up until now! My bag needs to be packed one last time to make sure I have everything and I have one last big goodbye to say.

I’ll leave you with a few photos and I’ll be updating you again in the next couple of days!



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I'm a 26 year youngling living on a small rock in the Mediterranean. I'm half English and half Maltese and have lived in Malta for about 12 years now. I love to travel, write, read, bake, practice being a yogi bear and I have a passion for music :) I love doing my part to help the world in any way I can and I'm a big animal lover!

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  1. Enjoy your adventure keep safe and post lots of pictures..Take care

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