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Leaving on a jet plane

Happy New Year readers!

I’m in England now;  one day away from leaving everything I know for six months and heading off into the big wide world with nothing but a backpack!

The next couple of days will be long! I catch the train to Gatwick Airport at 1pm to get there for my flight to Helsinki and an overnight stop at the airport to catch my flight out to India in the morning. Not the most convenient but it’s all part of the adventure!

What you’ll read below is some ramble I made on the plane to England but hadn’t had time to post yet. Apologies if it’s a bit long-winded. It’s been so long since I took an Easyjet flight that I had no idea the flights aren’t free seating so I ended up being prompted to move by an old man – oops. My first act of kindness accomplished having given up my opportunity to grab the window seat in my aisle to the lady who was seated on the opposite side…but now she’s sleeping. What a waste of a window where I could be having my usual daydream of cloud land where fluffy little marshmallow men and women live in harmony just bouncing from cloud to cloud. I’m also listening to two kids complaining about who drank more orange juice…so that’s fun too.

Moving on…

Here’s a little update of what’s been happening since I last posted here –

Number of flights lost due to the Consulate of India taking an extended Christmas break: Two

The flights were booked in the UK to see my man but it was more the time lost with him that I was worried about. Fortunately for me, he’s awesome and came out to see me instead! Unfortunately for us I caught the evil flu and needed to stay in bed for the entire duration. Doh!

The second flight I missed was booked for the 2nd January.

Malta readers: If you’re waiting for your Visa make sure to allow plenty of time; especially if it’s the holiday season! I applied for my visa in Malta to visit India on the 2nd December (though I was badgering them from a month before to tell me what I needed to hand in to apply) and I received my Visa on the 3rd January.

They did say it would take 3/4 weeks but for the price of the DHL shipping to Tripoli, they should really have been able to hurry up the process a bit. It cost €160 so that hurt a bit (a lot). If you’re going with a group it’s not so bad as you can split the cost but as I didn’t know anyone else applying at the same time I had to pay to full amount.

All vaccinations were done. I’ve been feeling like a pin cushion for the last couple of months so I’m relieved that’s over (and so is my purse).  I almost got ”conned” into buying the most expensive antimalarial on the planet! Six months worth was going to cost me €600…I almost cancelled the trip there and then because of that (panic reaction). Either that or I was just going to chance it. A big shout out goes to Hannah @ for guiding me to a much cheaper product which cost me a fraction of the price.

So that brings us to Christmas, my birthday and New Year which were all really enjoyable. A great ending to a truly amazing year.

Leaving Malta has been pretty emotional. It’s taken a long time for it to hit me that my life is changing and evolving; in fact booking my flight yesterday was the point where everything sunk in. It’s a big move and one that I still can’t quite believe I’m doing especially since I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator. Leaving my family has been a tough one as we’re very close and I hope they realise how thankful I am for the life they’ve given me and for allowing me to grow.

So that’s pretty much everything up until now! My bag needs to be packed one last time to make sure I have everything and I have one last big goodbye to say.

I’ll leave you with a few photos and I’ll be updating you again in the next couple of days!



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I’m glad our paths crossed

It was January 2013 when I approached my manager’s office and announced that I would be quitting in December to travel the world.

An eleven month notice period isn’t a bad thing for a company is it? I’m sure he took it with a pinch of salt and decided that it was just me having a ‘moment’ and he’s told me this in different words since! But nope, this was me making a decision to myself and the world that I wasn’t backing out.

It’s now December and it’s almost a week since I left the company. Although I was ready to move on I was still dreading the leaving day. A decision like this isn’t something to be taken lightly. I knew I was leaving a secure and reasonably well paid job to jump head first into the unknown and that terrified me. As much as I love adventure, I do take comfort in my habits and this was just the start of stepping out of my comfort zone!

As well as having a job I enjoyed; the reason I stayed for almost four years was because of the amazing people who work there. Thank you friends for making my leaving so special.


My amazing card! Chuck Norris and Mr T on my shoulder, I couldn’t be safer! Drawn by the talented Mathilde Maze. Click on the image to be transported to her Facebook page!


Beautiful words from my friends and colleagues.

I’m glad our paths crossed and I hope you’ll follow me on my adventure!

I’ll be seeing you all again soon xx

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The Golden Key to Happiness


A dear friend had lent me this beautiful book a couple of years ago (at least). My intention was to return it a lot sooner but I kept forgetting and so it wasn’t until her birthday that I actually slipped it into a gift bag with her presents and sent it back to its rightful owner.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later that she opened the gift bag because she had refused to open it without me being present. So it sat in the back of her car in anticipation. On opening the bag and finding the book she asked me to keep it and that if there was any book I would bring with me on my travels; this was the one to bring. This was her favourite book and I was deeply touched by her gesture so I humbly thanked her and promised that I would bring it with me.

The actions of those around us deeply impact on our happiness whether we like to admit it or not but we have the power to decide just how much we’ll let those actions or words affect us, be it in a positive or negative situation. If it’s positive, like your best friend asking you to keep her favourite book then embrace it. If it’s negative then find some way to learn from it and let it go. You are so much bigger than taking joy in a persons flaws. Life is so much bigger than that!

Here’s a random excerpt from this beautiful book. I might make it a thing on the blog, we’ll see!

It’s not good just to be delicate and sensitive, nor is it good just to be rough and coarse. You can’t be considered a fine human being unless you achieve balance and moderation in every respect. The delicate and sensitive worry so much about others that they exhaust themselves. The rough and coarse ignore and irritate others’ hearts too much. In everything, leaning too much to one side always makes you lose the balance. No good results come of it.

I love that I opened this book and the piece felt so relevant to me…I hope that it does for someone else too.

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